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TCL Televisions


When purchasing a new television, you may need to examine various factors, which makes the selection process overwhelming. This article will help you determine whether TCL TV, a Chinese brand, is a good fit for you. 

TCL televisions have proven to be of excellent value in recent years. TCL has produced TVs that compete yearly with well-known brands like Sony, LG, Hisense, and Samsung. While they're known for their inexpensive versions with fewer capabilities, some of their most recent models include cutting-edge technology such as Mini LED backlighting and variable refresh rate (VRR) compatibility. Just like the standard LEDs found in television, the mini-LEDs are used to power the television’s backlight. 

Main Features

TCL's current best TVs include but are not limited to the TCL 6-Series Roku TV (R635), TCL 5-Series Roku TV (S535), and TCL 5-Series Google TV (S456). TCL TVs employ the Roku or Google TV smart platforms, which are user-friendly and offer a wide range of apps. TCL is starting to integrate extra gaming capabilities like HDMI 2.1 bandwidth and VRR support into its higher-end models as part of its 2021 portfolio.

Even though the Roku interface is simple to use, it isn't the best or most visually appealing in the industry. Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, Peacock, Hulu, Disney+, YouTube, Apple TV+, Vudu, Google Play Movies & TV, Sling TV, FuboTV, ESPN+, Paramount+, Spotify, and more are all available with the built-in Roku TV.

TCL TVs are at the cutting edge of technology, with features like THX Game Mode and mini-LED illumination, giving high-end touches at extremely low prices. The THX game mode offers low dark-to-light transitions to deliver vibrant colors so that nothing is missed in fast-paced gameplay. TCL also gives excellent value by combining Roku’s smart TV software with high-quality manufacturing.

Picture quality

TCL televisions are known for using a lot of picture processing, which can result in off-color images and low contrast. The demands of high-resolution television may be too much for simple processors to handle. When it comes to ultimate 4k HDR performance, going for other brands like Sony and Samsung might be a better alternative. However, TCL TVs like the C71 and the C81 offer a decent range of QLED displays. 

Sound quality

TCL has smartly chosen to emphasize the mids and highs over booming bass. That implies TCL TV does well in shows and movies where conversations are the most significant or prominent type of audio but falls short in music or games where explosions are central to the experience. Generally, TCL TVs have an average speaker frequency range of 50-60.


TCL televisions are often less expensive than those made by Samsung, Sony, and LG. Despite the low cost, TCL does not compromise on functionality. Many TCL TVs start at $259 for a 43-inch model and go up to $749 for a 75-inch one.


TCL TVs are affordable and have good picture quality and functionality. Many TCL TV models don't have as many features or aren't as comfortable as more expensive brands, but their TVs are usually easily affordable and can do as much as these high-end brands. If you are looking for a TV with many smart features at an affordable price, a TCL TV is worth buying. 


Philips Televisions

Philips TVs

Are Philips televisions worth buying over other TV brands? When it comes to consumer electronics, Philips TVs are generally notable for their durable audiovisual products. Philips TVs are packed with intelligent features ranging from Ambilight technology to multi-room sound. Although Philips TVs are not as prominent as other brands like LG, Sony, and Samsung, they offer great value for their prices. 

Main Features

Recently, Philips Android TVs have been produced, and they give users access to the Google Play store, among other impressive features. Ambilight technology, which the Philips brand is well known for, allows what is happening on the TV screen to be translated into colored lights. These colored lights are emitted on the back of the  TV and then projected on the wall, creating a cinematographic atmosphere. 

Another prominent feature of Philips TVs is that they work with Android TVs. This operating system ensures easy navigation and has a lot of applications, including Google Assistant and integrated Chromecast. Some of the most popular Philips TVs with Android TVs are the Philips 650LED705 and the Philips Ambilight 43PUS8505. With these intelligent features, users have access to hundreds of applications and voice assistants like Google and Alexa. 

Picture Quality

Philips televisions have clear resolutions - even in smaller models so that you can be assured about the picture quality. The TVs have excellent HDR performance, and they showcase OLED perfect blacks with wide viewing angles. Another impressive feature is the addition of AI mode, which produces a more natural look and gives images more nuance. With the Dolby Vision. Philips TVs function at the peak level of performance. Overall, Philips TVs offer captivating brightness when viewing SDR or HDR content.


Philips TVs are equipped with the Dolby Atmos technology, which is a leading sound system. The Dolby Atmos technology helps increase the scale, height, and immersion in the audio reproduction of media contents. The Philips TV offers an excellently integrated sound system across all models. In addition to that, the TV brand has also integrated DTS Play-Fi, which users can use to link compatible audio products to create a multi-room system. 


Philips TVs offer great value for money, emphasizing good quality. Other brands provide cheap TV products, but with an emphasis on the price. Philips TVs pay exceptional attention to detail, sound quality, and extensive connectivity, yet they are affordable. Furthermore, Philips TVs have unique features, including the Ambilight technology in some of their models. 


Connectivity is one area where Philips is lagging. Most Philips TVs have only HDMI ports, with no provision for eARC, VRR, or 4K/120Hz. This design indicates that the TVs are not suitable for good gaming experiences. To connect wirelessly, users have to choose between wi-fi or Bluetooth on most devices. However, some Philips TVs, like the 32PH6605/12, have 3 HDMI ports when only one or two ports are standard in most TV brands. 


In conclusion, the Philips TV brand produces impressive television models with great features and reasonable prices. Whether you are looking for an incredible cinematic experience or decent televisions in a low price range, the Philips brand has something that suits your needs. However, if you are a gamer or looking for a more affordable OLED, you should consider other options. 


TCL vs Philips Televisions

Philips and TCL are TV manufacturers that constantly strive to provide better viewing experiences for users. Both brands make great products with incredible features, including picture quality, beautiful designs, impressive screen sizes, and sound quality. In addition to that, Philips and TCL both manufacture Android TVs, giving customers access to great entertainment. TCL focuses on research and development in manufacturing consumer electronics products ranging from TVs to other smart home products. 

Main Features 

Philips TVs work with Android TVs, which offer Google Assistant and integrated Chromecast for voice control and casting from mobile devices, respectively. The Android TV also offers some of the most widely used streaming apps in 4k HDR/ Dolby Atmos forms, more than TCL TVs offer. On the other hand, TCL TVs mostly work with the Roku TV or Google TV, depending on the model. The Roku Operating system offers standalone media streamers. In addition, TCL TVs are better for gamers because they have outstanding game mode performance. Philips have an excellent reputation for producing TVs, particularly the OLED models and Android TVs. A unique feature of Philips TVs is the Ambilight technology, which projects onscreen colors to the surrounding walls when the TV is in use.

Picture Quality

Most TCL TVs have the Ultra HD screen resolution that offers viewers an immersive cinematic experience. TCL televisions use picture processing which sometimes results in off-color images and low contrast. The demands of high-resolution television may be too much for simple processors to handle. 

Philips TVs also provide great picture quality. The Philips 58PUS8506 is said to be the best budget TV for HDR. It features Dolby Vision and HDR10+, all at an affordable price. Similar TCL budget TVs like the TCL 55RP620K don’t have a good Dolby Vision performance. However, Philips LCD LED TVs need improvements in the picture modes and brightness. 


TCL TV manufacturers understand the importance of a good sound system and a great visual experience. TCL TVs like the TCL C825 provide an immersive audio experience, with unique features like a useful integrated soundbar. Philips TVs excel in sound quality, with built-in Bowers and Wilkins soundbars. Both TCL and Philips TVs support the Dolby Atmos technology. The Atmos tech adjusts the audio experience to the environment and produces higher quality sound, creating a cinematic experience at home. 


Both Philips and TCL are very affordable and offer great value. However, Philips TVs pay exceptional attention to detail, sound quality, and extensive connectivity. They offer unique features like the Ambilight technology in some of their models. These features give Philips an upper hand over TCL TVs in the same price range.


In conclusion, both brands have features that give them the upper hand over the other. However, when choosing between Philips and TCL, your choice should be based on preferences and intended use. TCL TVs provide low-cost televisions, hoping to offer features equivalent to the more expensive TVs from competitors. Philips, on the other hand, focus on sound quality and the Ambilight Technology in their TVs. In conclusion, both brands provide a variety of options at affordable prices. 

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