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Sony XR55A90J

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Sony XR65X95J

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Do you need a new TV? If you're in the market for a new television, you're weighing all of your options. But how can you know which is the best option for you? Sony's premium technologies, such as OLED, high-quality sound, processing power, and an operating system that improves year after year, make it a market leader. Sony is also famous for its high-quality construction and long-lasting durability; it can last anywhere from 7 to 10 years with proper care and maintenance. 

This article will provide you with information on what to expect when purchasing a Sony television, reasons to buy this brand, and a look at the company's most recent products.

Main Features

Sony boasts that its current best and most competitive TVs are the XR-75Z9K, XR-75Z9J, and XR-55A95K. These TVs contain many of the same features as other popular TV models and have a few distinct advantages. When it comes to innovative TV features, Sony chooses Android TVs because they provide more content and provide viewers with more alternatives at their fingertips. These features include a YouView app that assures all primary catch-up services are available and a roll-back 7-day EPG. 

However, many Sony TVs include Google Assistant integration, while Sony's more current TVs include Amazon Alexa Music, Cameras, and TV Control apps. Users will be able to operate third-party smart home goods and speakers using basic Alexa functionality – similar to the Amazon Echo.

Furthermore, Sony TVs use OLED technology, which is self-emitting. Each pixel emits its light, allowing for excellent control of light and darkness across the screen.

Picture quality

Sony's OLED TVs use self-lighting pixels to generate more contrast, smaller displays, and broader viewing angles. However, OLED TVs' most significant selling point is their exceptional black levels. The Sony A8G provides excellent video quality by utilizing the company's processing technologies to produce sophisticated HDR and motion. They meet the high standards for color, contrast, and clarity every time.

X1 Extreme Processor

The X1 Extreme processor is part of Sony's TV technology since the company is continuously thinking ahead. This powerful CPU powers its 4K HDR televisions, cutting noise and boosting clarity with innovative algorithms to deliver the sharpest, brightest picture possible. The X1 Extreme features 40% more real-time image processing than their previous model, and it upscales almost anything you watch to near 4K HDR quality. 

You receive a TV viewing experience with more depth and textures. You'll see pure colors at greater brightness levels for an incredibly lifelike picture.


Sony televisions are available in a wide range of pricing points, with most falling somewhere between high-end and low-end. Many Sony televisions cost anywhere from $1100 to hundreds of dollars, with the cheapest model costing around $600. Sony TVs are definitely worth the price.


Many Sony TVs have unique designs, and the brand emphasizes delivering top-quality technology with a premium look that you cannot get your eyes off. The Sony Bravia series has slim, sturdy designs that feel premium and solid.


Sony has a history of producing a wide variety of high-quality televisions. The company prides itself on being a premium brand with superior display quality and a superior audio system every year. If you're looking for a TV with unrivaled picture quality, excellent color accuracy, and additional functions, it would be best to consider a Sony TV.