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If you’re in the market for a new TV right now, one of the top options on your list will be LG TVs, and rightly so. LG has set itself on a pedestal in the tech industry, producing quality television sets as well as many other electronics. If it's been ages since you last bought an LG TV and you’re not sure about what to expect from the brand, this article will serve as a guide into the company’s latest products.


Main Features

Among the best LG TVs on the market right now are the LG C1 OLED, LG QNED90, and the LG UP8000. In terms of standout features, only a few companies are capable of competing with this South Korean top brand. Looking at the smart TV attributes, LG features its proprietary smart TV platform called webOS. WebOS 6. was one of the best of 2021, providing access to streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix. 

In addition to that, LG TVs employ OLED technology, a panel type that emits light rather than having a backlight through it. This ensures that you get the most vibrant colors along with top-notch dimming qualities when enjoying movies or gaming.

Besides its panel and smart TV OS tech, LG has mastered the art of motion technology with most of its TVs offering quick response times. This ensures that you can game in high resolution with minimal flickering.

Picture quality

Since LG offers a range of TVs at various prices, there may be stark differences in the quality of pictures that you get from your television. In budget products, you may witness image duplication with fast-moving content due to the 120Hz backlight flicker. Nevertheless, you can expect top picture quality thanks to the inclusion of an infinite contrast ratio. The switching off of individual pixels also ensures that you get perfect blacks from your TV even in dim environments. LG is not the best in its range of color gamut but high-end TV sets have wide color gamuts, making them great for HDR movies.The biggest challenge of products from this brandmay come in the form of interpretation of bright colors. Still, the output is not abysmal and it makes up for it by providing excellent picture qualities at wide angles.

Sound quality

Sound quality is not exactly LG's forte in televisions but the company doesn’t do badly in this regard. One thing worth noting however is that price matters a lot when it comes to the sound output of LG TVs.  Mid-range products come with atleast a 2.2ch 40W set-up on the bottom  for excellent clarity.In the higher-end models, you’ll get more robust bass and loudspeakers. This however not something to worry about too much, because you can always purchase a soundbar for better sound quality.


Taking build materials into consideration, LG TVs are known to be among the most reliable on the market. Both budget and high-end products are durable and will likely serve you for years. 


LG television sets greatly vary in prices from high-end to budget products. Products can range from under $300 to thousands of dollars, depending on the unique features that they offer. Taking all things into account, LG TVs are affordable for the features that they possess.


When it comes to design, you can expect the best from LG, especially looking at higher-end models including OLED and QNED TVs. Both models are super slim and fit stylishly to the wall or on a stand. The lower-end models are less impressive in design but it is to be expected from most budget TVs.



Despite being years in the game, there has been no dip in terms of TV-quality production from LG. The South Korean brand’s TVs remain some of the best on the market and they are worth a look if you’re in the market for a TV set.