Arlo is a brand of home security cameras and systems owned by Netgear. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in New Jersey, United States. Arlo offers a wide range of products including indoor and outdoor cameras, video doorbells, and security systems.

Year of Establishment: Arlo Technologies was established in 2014.

First Product: The first product launched by Arlo was its wire-free, battery-operated smart home security camera system. This system allowed users to monitor their homes remotely via a smartphone app without the need for complicated wiring or professional installation. 

Reason for Fame: Arlo gained fame for revolutionizing the home security industry with its innovative wire-free camera technology. Unlike traditional security cameras that require extensive wiring and professional installation, Arlo's cameras were easy to set up and could be placed virtually anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. 
Furthermore, Arlo's commitment to continuous innovation and product development, including the introduction of additional smart home devices like video doorbells and security lights, further solidified its reputation as a leading brand in the smart home security market. 

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