• Product Selection (2)
  • Availability (1.9)
  • Design/Look (2.3)
  • Price (4.3)
  • Quality/Durability (2.5)
  • Reputation (2.2)
  • Warranty (2.4)
  • Product Selection (3.1)
  • Availability (3.2)
  • Design/Look (3.6)
  • Price (4.2)
  • Quality/Durability (3.7)
  • Reputation (3.3)
  • Warranty (3.5)

Smad Kegerators

Smad is a leading brand of kegerators, offering unique features and a wide range of models to suit different needs. Major similar brands include Kegco, EdgeStar and Avanti. Top product lines include the Smad Compact Kegerator and the Smad Single Tap Kegerator. Characteristics include a wide range of capacities, energy efficiency and a solid build quality. This brand is for those who are looking for a top quality kegerator with a wide range of features.

Danby Kegerators

Looking for a quality kegerator that won't break the bank? Danby might be the brand for you. Danby is a Canadian appliance company that offers a wide range of kegerators, from basic models to feature-packed units.

One of the things that sets Danby kegerators apart is their ability to maintain a consistent temperature. This is thanks to their digital thermostats and fan-forced cooling. Danby also offers stainless steel models, which are more durable and easier to clean than cheaper plastic models.

If you're looking for a basic kegerator that will get the job done, Danby's DKC054A1BDB model is a good choice. It can hold a full-size keg, has a digital thermostat, and includes a CO2 tank. For something a little more high-end, check out the DKC645BLS. This unit has all the features of the DKC054A1BDB, plus a stainless steel finish, a built-in drip tray, and a beer line cleaning kit.

Whether you're a casual beer drinker or a serious home brewer, Danby has a kegerator to fit your needs.