Headquarter :

Olathe, United States

Garmin, a global leader in GPS technology, has become synonymous with reliable navigation and cutting-edge outdoor technology. Since its inception in 1989, the brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of what's possible in the world of navigation, fitness, and outdoor exploration.

At the core of Garmin's success lies a relentless commitment to precision. The brand's GPS devices are renowned for their accuracy and reliability, providing users with confidence in their journeys, whether on the road, trail, or water. From handheld GPS units for hikers and adventurers to in-car navigation systems that redefine the driving experience, Garmin's diverse range of products caters to a wide spectrum of users.

One of Garmin's standout contributions is its foray into wearable fitness technology. Garmin's smartwatches and fitness trackers are designed not only to monitor physical activity but also to provide valuable insights into health and well-being. With features like heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking during workouts, and advanced sleep analysis, Garmin empowers individuals to take control of their fitness journey.

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