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  • Quality/Durability (4.8)
  • Reputation (4.9)
  • Product Selection (3.9)
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  • Design/Look (3.9)
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  • Quality/Durability (3.8)
  • Reputation (4)

Logitech Webcams

Logitech is a well-known brand in the webcam industry and offers a wide range of products to suit various needs. Some of the unique features of Logitech webcams include theirCarl Zeiss optics lens, which delivers superior image quality, and their RightLight 2 technology, which automatically adjusts the webcam's image to look its best in various lighting conditions. Other major webcam brands include Microsoft and Razer, but Logitech's offerings are generally considered to be of higher quality. Some of Logitech's top webcam product lines include the C920, C922, and C922x, which are all popular among gamers and streamers. In general, Logitech webcams are known for their excellent image quality, wide range of features, and competitive pricing.

Razer Webcams

Razer is a well-known brand in the world of gaming peripherals and accessories, and their webcams are no different. The Razer Kiyo is their flagship webcam, designed specifically with gamers in mind. It features a built-in ring light around the lens, which can be dimmed or brightened to help you achieve the perfect lighting for your stream or recording. The Kiyo also has adjustable field of view and resolution settings, so you can customize it to your needs.

For those looking for a more budget-friendly option, the Razer C670 is a great choice. It doesn't have the built-in ring light of the Kiyo, but it makes up for it with its low price point and still-impressive features. It has a wide field of view and can record at up to Full HD 1080p resolution.

Whether you're a professional streamer or just starting out, Razer has a webcam that will suit your needs.